Viking Loom

What  a brilliant day yesterday and I was in such good company, 2 entrepeneurial ladies who I will tell you about later,a doctor,a milliner,a teacher,a very talented group indeed.As always I had 9 Ladies all making 9 different things so today my head still feels as if I have been on a merry go round–not moaning I love it ,as I only teach twice a year it is always a pleasure .My lady milliner has taken my wrapped design to adapt it for using on her hats –ingenious love it.Gay did the twig bracelet which grew into a stunning pearl twig(branch) necklace looked awesome on her.Sue meanwhile did the organic wrapping featuring  a stunning David Christianson glass piece and in lovely muted greys very classy and totally Sue.We were spoilt as always at the ned of the day by lovely home baking with our tea then reluctantly for some it was time for home until we meet again on October 25th.Please book early as there will only be space for 9 on this class and some are all ready taken .

I f you follow my twitters you will have heard me twittering about the new Swag bag which is a brilliant idea from Sue and Gay who have launched it now and all ready nominated for New Gift of the Year lets hope they win.I am not going to try to desribe it to you just pop over and see.You will actually wonder how you could manage without it now there is such a thing.All in all a great day .In my excitement yesterday I forgot to get a group picture so forgive me and also picture the pieces individually but believe me a very good standard was reached by all .

Another exciting venture is my being asked to be a tutor on the new craft university site I will be tutoring felting and knitting to start with but it is such a great opportunity to actually be taught by some great artists who rarely come to the UK to teach and all from your own home great.Do come over to have a look around .

Also new fresh site idea to view, beading still to be added with wirework is here .Going for breakfast now and read the papers.

till we bead again,bye


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