wedding ‘greys’and bling

Well as you all know I am up to my eyes in wedding preparations, silks and crystals and etc etc all over the place.But I have finished my outfit –my friends told me to make it first otherwise it would not get done  -so I listened and I obeyed and it is done all bar my jewelry.

Stitching test pieces of silk with beautiful crystals is lovely but there is only so much white silk and crystal you can look at and I want some crystals too, only my outfit has so much colour in in that I have chosen the ca lmest colour to add my crystals to for my piece .

As neither my daughter or my daughter in law to be are beaders I feel safe to show you as they do not read this blog ,I will need a nice tan to show this off to its best. As those who follow my journey with beads and  know geometric designs have inspired me so much and all the fabulous art deco and baroque architecture especially in Prague has filled loads of sketchbooks .

Prague was a fabulous city to just kick back in and go with the flow, going to impromptu jazz concerts or gallery showings and the nice thing is you always know what is happening as leaflets are given out at every corner as you wander around the city.

Back to my necker because it is going to be big eventually as I like big jewelry that makes an impact so fine crystals and tiny delicas but a big piece  and I am hoping it is going to be just right .Here revealed is the start of ‘Through the Storm’beadilicious-blog1Named because of the greys and the lights .My oufit has a beautiful colourful fabric which has everything from 2 shades of grey to purple cerise,lime and coral so from all those, grey and crystal looks stunning and will suit me best .Will I make the May 8th deadline ? hope so.thanks to all the geometric help from Glenda Payseno and Jann Muhlhauser and their journey into the world of geometric beading  



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